zondag 30 mei 2010


4 opmerkingen:

  1. wtf


    and anyway...thats not nature!
    thats man's fucking hand there!


  2. Your right about that!, they made it so I quess, but a tree is nature.Long time no hear man!How you doin?

  3. all good my friend...

    i'm still in romania...bucuresti!

    we got lost indeed!
    and i just noticed that the notifications sent from the replies on your blog were sent on my junk mail!

    u know,i'm a lil lost with all the blogs i used to follow...
    i'm using the google-blogs-reader...
    and i have added something like 200-300 blogs...
    and it's hard now!!!

    have u seen my latest posts?

  4. Yes, all coming in, I have problems with that 2,2 many Blog 2 maintain,they should pay us for that :-)